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An RPG-7. The large green protrusion on the left of the picture is the actual grenade.

The RPG-7 is a handheld anti-tank grenade launcher, from the Soviet Union. It is the most widely produced grenade launcher in history, with several million made. RPG means Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomet literally: "a handheld anti-tank grenade launcher".[1]

The RPG-7 has seen much use since 1961. It is used by both terrorists and (para)military forces.

It has a range of 900 yards, but is quite inaccurate. It is notable for the way the operator uses their hands the wrong way around from other weapons. Warheads are usually a shaped charge anti-tank round, although many variants exist. It weighs about 15 lbs.[2]

See also

  • M72 LAW - the Light Antitank Weapon used by the American military, which replaced the bazooka
  • AT4 - the replacement for the M72 LAW


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