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Is a Preborn Baby a Part of His Mother's Body?

The answer is NO!

Why this question is important: If he's part of his mother's body, it's morally okay to kill him because you wouldn't actually be killing a baby. If he's not a part of her body, it's immoral (no matter that it's legal). Advocates of abortion insist that he is a part of his mother's body, and have often been videotaped screaming words such as, "Keep your hands off my body!" and "It's my body! It's my body!". Anti-abortion advocates claim the baby is a separate life, and that therefore to abort him is to kill him just as to kill you is to kill you.

How this question came to be important: Incredibly, in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a preborn baby isn't a person. Abortionists' reasoning therefore became, "If it's not a person, when a mother aborts, she's not killing anyone. She is just removing a part of her own body."

This is a key to the abortion controversy.

The abortionists are wrong, and here are thirteen reasons why. Here are thirteen reasons that prove THE PREBORN BABY IS A SEPARATE LIFE.

Reason #1: DNA testing shows that he is separate. One example of this is simply: Suppose a man murders someone and leaves traces of his body at the site of the murder. These traces are tested for DNA. The man is, in this example, convicted. The point is, it's the man who is identified, not his mother. It's the man who goes to prison, not his mother.

Reason #2: The vast majority of the world's doctors say the preborn is separate.

Reason #3: The former chief geneticist of the Mayo Clinic, perhaps the most prestigious medical clinic in the world, says it is separate.[1]

Reason #4: Fertilization occurs when sperm unites with egg. Then, implantation on the wall of the uterus (womb) occurs. We see, then, that when life begins the life is not physically connected to the mother, but is separate.

Reason #5: If a live, human fertilized egg is to become a part of the mother's body, then his own life would cease as he became a part of hers. We know that this doesn't happen, because nine months later, he is born alive. Therefore, he didn't become a part of his mother's body. His life was separate all the time.

Reason #6: The preborn baby has his own brain.

Reason #7: The preborn baby has his own heart.

Reason #8: The preborn baby has his separate blood supply. This can even be of a different blood type, one incompatible with his mother's blood.

Reason #9: The preborn baby always has his father's chromosomes.

Reason #10: Suppose we have a test tube, and in the test tube we fertilize an egg and the egg implants on the test tube wall. Is the fetus a part of the test tube's body? Of course not. Since the same thing happens inside a woman, then how could the fetus be a part of the woman's body?

Reason #11: Suppose we have a white woman who is impregnated by artificial insemination with an egg from a black woman, with such egg fertilized by an Oriental man. Also, suppose the baby is a boy. Does the white woman now have three races--white, black, and Oriental? Does she now have two sexes? Does she suddenly have twenty fingers, twenty toes, two brains, and two hearts?

When the baby is born, does the white woman revert to having one race and to being only woman? Does the baby change from having three races to having two and from being girl and boy to being only boy? Do he and his mother each lose ten fingers, ten toes, one brain, and one heart?

This would have to happen if the baby was a part of his mother.

Reason #12: Medical science has proven absolutely that an preborn baby undergoes excruciating pain during his abortion. This can be seen with a sonogram. A sonogram is like an X-ray in that it can see inside a person. In addition, a sonogram permits motion pictures to be made, not just still pictures. Two movies, "The Silent Scream" and "Eclipse of Reason" were made of an actual abortion. What was recorded on tape was motion pictures of what the baby was going through in the uterus. It is horrible.

Two ways babies are aborted are to chemically burn them to death inside and outside of their bodies, and to crush their skulls and tear off their arms and legs, but women do not scream from pain when they're having an abortion.

Conclusion: The preborn baby is a separate life!

Reason #13: You know in your heart that it's a separate life. For years, perhaps, you've pushed that feeling down, but you've known. You've taken in the pro-abortion slogans and accepted them intellectually, but still, you've known.

How do we know this? Former owner of a chain of abortion clinics, Carol Everett, says that the women about to undergo abortions have to be kept calm and separated from each other. Why? Because, in spite of the pro-abortion slogans, they know what they're doing, and once in a while one of them loses control and starts screaming with grief and other emotional pain. The other women, also knowing in their hearts what they are doing is wrong, hear this and then also lose control. Soon, all of the women victims are screaming out what choice really means--death.

They knew it in their hearts all along, and so do you.

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  1. Dr. Hymie Gordon, former Chairman of the Dept. of Medical Genetics, Mayo Clinic, MN.