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The "Stone age" is the term for the believed prehistoric time before the Bronze Age when humans were able to craft tools of stone for production.[1] It is divided into three parts; Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic. During the Paleolithic age, man harvested wild plants and animals for food. Agriculture began in the Neolithic age. The dates of the Stone age are debated but are generally accepted to be from 2,000,000 BC to 8,000 BC with the later Stone Age ending with the advent of the Bronze Age in about 3500 BC.[2][3]

An example of a nuclear family structure was unearthed in 2008. A family was found buried together in a grave dated to approximately 4600 BC with the bodies facing one another. Archaeologists believed they were probably killed in a raid and survivors buried them together.[4]

Young-Earth creationists believe that there was never a "stone age", but rather there have been stone cultures, especially following the dispersal of humanity from the Tower of Babel.[5]


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