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Susan B. Anthony List and the Susan B. Anthony List PAC are a 501(c)(4) non-profit pro-life organization founded in 1992. Marjorie Dannenfelser and Jane Abraham recognized the need to elect more women as pro-life candidates for national office. Susan B. Anthony is the inspiration for the organization, she called abortion "child murder." Their six-point mission is:

  • Elect pro-life women or pro-life men who oppose pro-abortion women to Congress through our SBA List Candidate Fund.
  • Educate voters on critical pro-life issues and on upcoming legislation.
  • Train and equip pro-life activists nationwide to run successful political and grassroots campaigns.
  • Promote positive responses in both traditional and new media to dispel the myths and distortions of the abortion lobby.
  • Advocate passage of pro-life legislation in Congress, directly with legislators and through mobilizing direct citizen lobbying.
  • Connect legislative and electoral consequences through our Votes Have Consequences Program.

"Every year, the Susan B. Anthony List presents its Young Leader Awards to a group of young women who embody the pro-life legacy of Susan B. Anthony."

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