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For additional notes on the Trump Administration's immigration policies in 2018, see Talk:Donald Trump achievements: Immigration and border security. --1990'sguy (talk) 22:29, 31 December 2018 (EST)

STOP Act implementation

The USPS is (so far) failing to meet its targets in implementing the STOP Act, which Trump signed into law this year and which I added to the article: [1] --1990'sguy (talk) 08:25, 5 April 2019 (EDT)

Visa programs

Some visa programs have seen slight decreases since 2016 to 2018 (though they are still historically large): [2] This seems like good news, though I'm not sure if it's significant enough to add. --1990'sguy (talk) 11:10, 17 June 2019 (EDT)


ICE's FY 2018 Enforcement and Removal Operations Report: [3] --1990'sguy (talk) 15:17, 6 October 2019 (EDT)

Border apprehensions

An article on the increase in border apprehensions in 2018: [4] --1990'sguy (talk) 23:44, 15 November 2019 (EST)