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Template: Ship
Use on Ship articles
Use for Infobox
Category template applies to page Ships
Template Parameters
(See using templates).
Name Purpose Required? Comment
name Name of ship no defaults to page name
image Picture of ship no image name only
caption Caption of image no
flag Flag no country of registry. Image name only.
flag-caption Caption for flag no
flag-raw Flag no
port Home port no
owner owner no commercial owner
built Shipyard no
type Type no destroyer, frigate etc.
authorized Authorized no
keellaid Keel laid no
launched Launched no date launched
commissioned Commissioned no
decommissioned Decommissioned no date decommisioned
status Status no
displ Displacement no
length Length no
beam Beam no
draft Draft no
speed Speed no speed in knots
test Test depth no for submarines
armament Armament no if appropriate
aircraft Aircraft no
crew Crew no
troops Troops no if appropriate
pass Passengers no if appropriate

NOTE: Omitted paramaters will not be displayed.

Sample Data Block

The following may be copied and pasted at the top of the page being edited.

| name= 
| image=
| caption=
| flag=
| flag-caption=
| owner=
| built=
| authorized=
| keellaid=
| commissioned=
| launched=
| retired=
| status=
| type=
| displ=
| length=
| beam=
| draft=
| speed=
| test=
| armament=
| aircraft=
| crew=
| troops=
| pass=