The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics

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The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics is a book primarily authored by the "Anonymous Conservative." [1]

The book seeks to explain the origins of Conservatism and Liberalism by using the "r/K selection theory." The theory presents the "r-types" who embrace anti-competitiveness, promiscuity, single parenting, the early sexualization of youth, and disloyalty to the group. R-types develop in an environment where resources are abundant and thus seek to exploit the resource availability. Contrary to r-types, there are the "K-types" who embrace competition, monogamy, two-parent child rearing, the later sexualization of offspring, and group loyalty. K-types develop to survive in an environment with resource scarcity. On a political scale, the former are represented by liberals while the latter are represented by conservatives. Liberal websites, like Facebook and Yahoo, have tried to prevent ideas presented by the book from gaining traction by blocking Anonymous Conservative's online advertisements and accounts.[2]