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The Honorable James David Manning, Ph.D., is a New York pastor of ATLAH World Ministries, and has preached there since 1981. He has founded and organized several highly successful ministries.

About the Pastor

Manning graduated from the College of New Rochelle, and continued his education at Union Theological Seminary in New York where he received a Master of Divinity degree. He earned a Ph.D. from The Atlah Theological Seminary. Pastor Manning is the husband of Elizabeth Sarah Manning, as well as a father and grandfather.

Obama's Mamma

In defense of Bristol Palin, Pastor Manning created a video critical of Barack Obama's family.

Hate Speech

YouTube, known for censoring conservatives, has prohibited Pastor Manning from publishing videos simply for stating his religious views.[1]

Targeted by Homeland Security

For his unending verbal attacks on Barack Obama (whom he refers to as "the Long Legged Mac Daddy"[1][2][3]), Homeland Security and NYC detectives have visited him for his posting about TEA parties and Barack Obama's birth certificate. Pastor Manning expects to be arrested shortly for accusations of threatening the life of a U.S. president.[2]


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