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The Toucher and Rich Show is an American radio show currently based at the radio station WBCN out of Boston, Massachusetts. They are known for their "frat boy" behavior and their libertarian opinions. They are currently the #1 radio show in the male 18-34 demographic for the afternoon drive time slot. The show is broadcast from 3-7 PM from Monday-Friday and has a "Best Of" show every Saturday morning.

Notable Bits

The Toucher and Rich Show features many regular bits:

  • Internet Star: the crew showcases aspiring young talent that Rich has found on certain video sites such as
  • Dating OnDemand: every Wednesday they showcase different strange video personals found on OnDemand's cable dating service
  • Drunken Red Sox/Celtics/Patriots Recaps: after local major sports games, a man on the street (either Adolfo Gonzalez or Rich Shertenlieb) asks inebriated fans if they can repeat the events of the previous game
  • Ask Crash: Often described by Fred Toucher as "Ann Landers for illiterates", this is merely an advice segment of the show presented by Chris "Crash" Clark, this because he is considered by most familiar with making mistakes in life, the bit is usually wrapped up with a song response written and performed by Crash, this is done every Thursday
  • Rich Goes To The Movies: A movie reviewing segment which features a "Musical Movie Review" performed and written by Rich