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William Rose Benét (1886-1950) was an American author, brother of Stephen Vincent Benét. His works include the Oxford Anthology of American Literature (editor, 1938), and The Dust Which Is God (1941). He won a Pulitzer Prize for The Dust Which Is God.[1]

Life and Works

Benét was born February 2, 1886, in Brooklyn, New York, but was raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and attended Yale University.[2] He was a founding member and contributor to the Saturday Review of Literature and wrote many volumes of poetry, including Merchants from Cathay (1913), The Great White Wall (1916), and A Man Possessed (1927).[3] He married four times and fathered at least three children.[4] His best known work, however, is likely The Dust Which is God, a partially autobiographical novel which states that man changes himself from dust via affirmation.[5] He created his own encyclopedia, The Reader's Encyclopedia in 1948, and died on May 4, 1950, in New York City.[6]