World History Homework Seven Answers - Student Sixteen

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Sandro D.

1. The Renaissance occurred during the 1300’s through the 1600’s in Europe. The Renaissance continued on until the 1700’s in Northern Europe. The Renaissance began in Florence, Italy and spread throughout the rest of Europe.

Excellent, may use as a model.

2. Martin Luther was a law student that later became a monk. One day Luther was caught up in a bad storm and he prayed to God that if he lived, he would become a monk. After Luther lived through the storm he joined a monastery. He wrote 95 Theses that protested against the indulgences the pope was offering and nailed them to a church. Luther was told to withdraw 41 of the 95 theses or be excommunicated Luther refused and was therefore excommunicated. Luther was put on trial by the German authorities but escaped before they read the verdict. He hid at the Wartburg Castle and there he translated the bible from Hebrew to German. Luther died in 1546 from an unknown illness that he had been battling for a couple of years.

Good summary. Note that the New Testament was in Greek and Luther translated that from Greek to German.

3. The Baroque style used the revolutionary technique of dramatic, selective illumination of figures out of deep shadow. This technique is a hallmark of a Baroque painting. Baroque realistically presents models from the streets. After the Reformation, painters adopted the Baroque style as part of the Counter-Reformation by the Catholic Church to appeal spiritually to the audience and to make inroads into Protestant regions.

Superb analysis, could become a model answer.

4. The development of the English language is divided into three periods: Old English, Middle English and Modern English. Old English is also called Anglo-Saxon developed around 450 A.D. when the Roman Empire fell and Germanic tribes settled into England. Shortly after the Norman conquest of 1066, when Latin began to cause improvements in Old English and the English language upgraded to Middle English. Modern English is considered to have begun shortly after the end of the middle Ages in 1500s.

Excellent again!

5. The Tang Dynasty ruled China for nearly 300 years during A.D. 618 to 907. This time period is known as the golden age of art and pottery. China acquired Manchuria, Tibet, Korea, and Northern Vietnam. The Tang Dynasty became known as the Middle Kingdom for it drew its wealth from surrounding states. The most powerful ruler of the Tang Dynasty was Tang Taizong. He gained power by killing off the opposition but then ruled in a fair manner and kept the taxes low. The education was based on three requirements: learn the writings of Confucius, study the Chinese classics, and pass the civil service exam. The peasants rebelled against the misuse of government funds which led to the last Tang emperor giving up and then regional warlords ruled China.


6. The Renaissance occurred in Europe as a cultural rebirth in the city of Florence, Italy. The northern city-states of Italy were a perfect location for the Renaissance to occur, as Italian culture was built off classical Greek and Roman civilization. Italy and Germany did not form nation-states like France and England, and without a centralized government the Italian city-states were conducive to cultural and intellectual renewal. The Italian cities had become important and wealthy locations by trading and selling during the Crusades. The Italian city of Florence was home to wealthy families, such as the prominent Medici family, who were willing to finance artists. Friendly competition among the different city-states brought out the best in people and created an environment in which creativity and personal drive thrived.


7. Illinois governor, Blagojevich can be described as Machiavellian today. Blagojevich put a 'for sale' sign on the naming of a United States senator. It was a corrupt tactic that would make our 16th President shake his head in disgust. Blagojevich refused to admit guilt and shamelessly defended himself and continue to act in his office as if he was above the law. His ego is immense.

Good example.
Terrific homework, among the best in the class. 70/70. Well done!--Andy Schlafly 13:28, 22 March 2009 (EDT)