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The Zulu also known as the Zulu Kingdom or Zulu Empire, are a tribe native to the KwaZuluNatal province of South Africa. They rose to power in the 1800s, led by a military genius named Shaka. Thought by many to be to be the most influential Zulu warrior in history, Shaka Zulu reigned as King from 1816 to 1828.[1] He united many scattered clans into one consolidated powerful tribe. The Zulu empire's main battles were with the British settlers, and to a lesser extent, the Dutch and other European settlers.


Shaka Zulu was the third born son of Senzangakhona. When Senzangakhona died in 1816, Shaka took over and within twelve years had became the greatest leader of his time, conquering many nations and amalgamated them under his reign, thus creating a huge Zulu nation.[2]


To commemorate their influential King, the Zulu nation holds an annual King Shaka Heritage Day, traditionally celebrated on 24 September,[3] during which they revive their cultural traditions.[4]


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