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something I could never have explained to me by anyone attempting to play scientist but.. How can two diffrent sized isotopes decay at the same rate? If one sample is ten times the size of the other, wouldn't it take ten times as long to decay than the smaller? I would love to have that explained to me.

Take a jug of water, make a small hole in the bottom and measure how long it takes for half of the water to leak out. Now take a thousand such jugs with identical holes: how long does it take for them to lose half their water? Jcw 13:39, 2 June 2011 (EDT)
Wow.. that makes sense. I keep trying to refute it but if the water is leaving at the same rate.. No, wait.. If the water was leaving the jug at a cup a second then the half filled jug wild lose half it's amount earlier than the full jug. Because the more filled jug half to lose more cups to reach half than the half filled jug. MHarris