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A potato chip is a slice of potato fried to a crisp. Chips are usually eaten as a snack, such as with hot dogs or hamburgers at a picnic.

Well known brands in the U.S. have included Wise and Lay's. Pringles are formed out of dough into a saddle shape to fit their cylindrical package.[1]

In Britain and Ireland potato chips are known as 'potato crisps' or simply 'crisps'; in those countries 'potato chips' or 'chips' are a slightly thicker version of what in the US are known as French fries. See chip shop.


  1. In North America, Pringles are not marketed as potato chips, but rather "potato crisps". This is a food labeling requirement, since Pringles are made from a dough rather than from sliced fresh potatoes. See http://www.pringles.com/pages/index.shtml