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Rocky Marciano was a Professional Boxer. He is known for his career record: 49-0-0 43KO. He has the highest KO percentage of any Boxer[1]. Regardless of the critics, Rocky Marciano fought an era of tough Competition[2], and was hard to hit.[3], and he was relentless as a fighter[4].

"What's so often forgotten is that Marciano was truely a great fighter. It was his will to win that made him unbeatable." - Archie Moore

"I had a bad weakness I kept hid throughout my career. I didn't like to be crowded, and Marciano always crowded his opponents. That's why I say I could never have beaten him." - Joe Louis

"He was a great puncher, one of the best of all-time. He just threw one punch after another, and all of them were hard." Harry "Kid" Mathews

Sylvester Stallone's movie "Rocky" was named in homage to him.


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