1689 Boston revolt

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Andros a prisoner in Boston

The 1689 Boston revolt was an event that happened in Boston shortly after the 1688 Glorious Revolution.


At the time of the revolt, the people gave vent to their feelings about Edmund Andros by calling him The Tyrant of New England.

But his dominion ended suddenly. The English Revolution of 1688 was at hand. James II was driven from his throne and kingdom, and the entire system of arbitrary rule which that monarch had established fell with a crash and Andros with the rest. The news of the revolution and of the accession of William and Mary reached Boston on the 4th of April, 1689. A few days afterward, the governor had occasion to write a note to his colonel of militia, telling him to keep the soldiers under arms, as there was "a general buzzing among the people." On the 18th of the month, the citizens of Charlestown and Boston rose in open rebellion. Andros and his minions, attempting to escape, were seized and marched to prison.[1]


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