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A.C. Grayling

Anthony Clifford Grayling (born April 3, 1949) is an English atheist philosopher. He is commonly called the fifth horseman of the New Atheism movement.

In 2005, Grayling participated in a debate with Christian philosopher and apologist William Lane Craig at Oxford Union.

In 2011, Grayling's book, The Good Book was published.

A.C. Grayling vs. Rabbi Rowe debate

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In 2016, Grayling debated Rabbi Daniel Rowe about the existence of God.

According to Dr. Michael Egnor, "Rowe devastated Grayling."[1]

Atheist Jerry Coyne said of the debate: "I have to admit to finding the prospect of an orthodox rabbi holding his own in a debate with Dr. Grayling on God's existence rather disheartening, but I'm afraid that's exactly what went down the other night in London.[2]


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