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AFRICOM is an acronym for the U.S. military's newly formed African Command. Until relatively recently, Africa was deemed a secondary priority by the Department of Defense. Since 1983, security responsibilities in the region were split among U.S. European Command, Central Command, and Pacific Command.[1] In deference to Africa's rising significance, President George W. Bush announced in 2007 the creation of a new combatant command AFRICOM. It will focus its efforts on the following,

  • Enhancing America's military relationships with African countries
  • Increasing the capabilities and professionalism of African militaries
  • Bolstering development and stability in the region

Opposition to AFRICOM by the Democrat-led Congress has resulted in a 30 percent cut in funding for fiscal year 2009. These are the same weak-on-foreign-policy Democrats that prefer not to fight terrorism but to treat it as a law enforcement issue. AFRICOM is located in Germany.


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