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AbiWord is a free, open-source word processor program. The layout and functionality of this program are similar to Microsoft Word. It is designed to be "a fully cross-platform word processor" which will "run on virtually any operating system."[1]

Versions and Activity

Version 1.0 was released in April 2002, followed by Version 2.0 in September 2003, then 2.2 in December 2004, and 2.4 in September 2005. Versions continued to be released about every year for some time since. However, in 2014 the project announced that it was low on developers for the Windows edition, so when version 3.0.1 was released on December 23, 2014, no Windows build was offered. Over a years later, (in March, 2016) a Windows version was still not available for anything later than version 2.8.6. Additionally, it has been over 9 year(s) since the last release of any build.[2] Because of this longer-than usual delay and, and the fact that they do not have enough Windows developers to keep up with the release rate, one might be accurate in saying that this project is in trouble.


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