Abortion costs

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Abortion costs include far more than the fee to the abortionist. It includes the physical and emotional harm to the mother that often last a lifetime.

The abortion costs include the joy and money that the unborn child would have generated throughout his or her lifetime if the abortion had never occurred.

The abortion costs include the lack of friendship that both the mother and child could have brought to others in the absence of the abortion.

The abortion costs include the joy that the mother would feel upon having a child - instead, the mother would be faced with the guilt of having killed an unborn child.

The abortion costs include the loss of the financial support which a child must often provide to an elderly parent.

The abortion costs include the desensitization of the mother, and of society as a whole, to abortion, leading to more abortions.

A researcher who has spent over a decade examining the economic impact of abortion finds that the approximately 50,5 million abortions in the U.S. since 1970 have cost the American economy $35 trillion. That comes in the form of lost productivity by having fewer workers contributing to society.[1]

Some unborn children may have grown to become the next Thomas Edison, whose inventions brought unfathomable wealth and comfort to billions of people.