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Abortion militants describes a campaign of violence, intimidation, vandalism and death against people of the Pro-life movement. The culprits are almost always liberals and many actions are a result of feminist indoctrination. Like most instances of law-breaking by leftists, the media will downplay, obfuscate and ignore the story entirely.

Examples of militant Pro-abort behavior

Abortion backers and supporters have a long history of attacking those that oppose and disagree with the Pro-abortion position.

  • Jim Pouillon was shot and killed while holding pro-life signs across from a high school. The killer admitted he was offended by the Pro-life cause.
  • Feminist Professor Mireille Miller-Young of University of California at Santa Barbara assaulted a 16-year-old, taunted her pro-life group as terrorists and stole their poster.[1]
  • Eastern Michigan Students for Life drew chalk message for National Pro-life Chalk Day and the vandals covered their drawings with the Nazi swastika symbol and threw water on the chalk displays.[2]
  • Clemson Students for Life placed 110 crosses on campus only to see them removed and some destroyed the following morning.[3]
  • Abortion supporter Victoria Duran physically attacked and destroyed signs of a Pro-life Columbus, Ohio group. Duran's family then sued the group for emotional distress.[4]


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