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There are many dangerous myths about abortion that are being spread by abortion supporters. This article is dedicated to listing and debunking them.

Myth: Abortion is safe

  • To a very limited extent, yes, abortion is safe, as long as the doctor is competent in the procedure and conducts the operation in a sterile environment with the proper equipment. Otherwise, abortion can be dangerous if conducted in unsafe, unsterile conditions by non licensed practitioners or by those with little or no medical training. Also, due to the cost of the procedure, many women in the poorer strata of society may be inclined to go to illegal abortion clinics (e.g. - "back alley doctors") which are not sterile or safe to mother or the unborn child.

Myth: Abortion is not Eugenics

  • In a strictly legal sense, at least according to US law, this is both not true and completely criminal, since Roe v. Wade merely allows for the option to have an abortion under certain conditions, it does not state any political goal promoting eugenics as a national policy. Most other nation states that have legalized abortion, at least those of modern day, also have no particular legal justification promoting a eugenics agenda. However, abortion has been used and justified on a nation state level for the goals and purposes of eugenics, and has often been cited in racist doctrines (e.g. - Nazism) as a viable means of promoting their ethnocentric goals in this regard.

Myth: Abortion is not murder

  • Abortion is the medical termination (killing) of an unborn child. According to US law, under proper conditions, abortion is not considered legal murder, but aside from those conditions (e.g. - as defined by Roe v. Wade) it is considered legal murder, especially if the abortion takes place without the lawful consent of the mother. Regardless, by moral standards (especially Christian moral standards) it is the taking of a life before it had committed any offense for which it life would ordinarily be forfeit (such as homicide), which is by all moral standards murder.