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States have widely varying approaches and effectiveness in addressing abortion. Here is a ranking based on the increase or decrease in abortion rates from 2005 to 2008, the latest year for which information is available:

State Change in Abortion Rates 2005-2008 Comments
Wisconsin Decrease in abortion by 13% Improvement was then reflected in victories by Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and others in 2010
Missouri Decrease in abortion by 10% Effective laws passed around 2005 when its legislature was the most effective in the nation; nearly half of Missouri residents seeking abortion now travel to Kansas or Illinois to have them
New Jersey Decrease in abortion by 10% Birthplace of Conservapedia. Enough said?
Minnesota Decrease in abortion by 2% Governor Tim Pawlenty was elected through efforts of pro-lifers, but then gutted the implementation of the Woman's Right to Know Act that took nine years to pass; Michele Bachmann's influence has probably helped most
Ohio Decrease in abortion by 1% Legislative pro-life gains, but little pro-life legislation
California Up 2% over 3 years, but down 3% in the last recorded year Influence of Hollywood and pro-abortion politicians
Oklahoma Increase in abortion by 5% Talk is cheap in Oklahoma: it claims to have the most pro-life legislature, yet abortions keep going up
Michigan Increase in abortion by 5% from 2007 to 2008 Ineffectiveness despite a large pro-life population
Arizona Increase in abortion by 10% from 2007 to 2008 Little meaningful legislative effort there despite a 2/3rds Republican majority in the legislature.
Tennessee Increase in abortion by 10% Has a political leadership that is pro-life only at election time
Georgia Increase in abortion by 15% Dominated by PLINOs - pro-life in name only. The 2011 legislature adjourned for the year without passing a single pro-life law
Texas Increase in abortion by 25%[1]
Pennsylvania Increase in abortion by 23% Has a pro-abort U.S. Senator who pretends to be pro-life

(add more from the information at Guttmacher research)


  1. But see this article, which claims that Texas abortions have declined to 75,000 by 2010.

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