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Absalom was the third son of King David [1] born when David was in Hebron as told in the book of II Samuel in the Bible. He killed David's oldest son, Amnon, after Amnon raped his sister Tamar and Tamar told him about it.[2] It took two years to get his revenge and then he fled staying with the son of the king of Geshur.[3]

David longed for his son each day. Joab, seeing David's grief, had a woman create a story that she recited before David, and then used his own words to convict him that he needed to bring back his son.[4] When Absalom was brought back to Israel, he was not allowed to look on the face of his father David, but instead to only go to his own house.[5]

Absalom had to wait two years without seeing his father. He sent for Joab twice to talk to his father, but Joab wouldn't come. Absalom had Joab's barley fields burnt down, and when Joab came down to ask why Absalom had done that, Absalom convinced him to speak to his father David on his behalf. Absalom met with David and was allowed back into his sight.[6]

Absalom set himself up outside the city in grandeur with a chariot and 50 men before him and would talk to all of those who would come by seeking justice from the King and tell them that he would rule in their favor - if he was judge of the land. He was considered to be quite handsome and well liked. The people turned towards him. Absalom did this for four years, after which time he requested to go up to Hebron, a request that David granted. David learned that his son was planning to overthrow him, and fled with his entire family except for 10 concubines to take care of the palace in his absence. Absalom went into the palace and slept with the concubines in front of everyone. He then sought consel and was told to attack David's forces immediately, but an advisor who was loyal to David convinced him to wait and gather up the people from all over Israel first. When Absalom's forces finally went out to fight David, David's men were ready and defeated Absalom's forces. Absalom tried to flee, but was caught in a tree by his hair, and was kiled by Joab in defiance of David's edict to spare his life. David wept bitterly when he heard his son Absalom was dead, and wished that he had died instead.[7]

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