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Ahdeek—a single-screw wooden-hulled 38 foot pleasure boat built in 1916 for H. V. Schieren, at Morris Heights, New York, by the Charles L. Seabury and Gas Engine and Power Co.—was inspected in the 3d Naval District on 7 April 1918 for possible use as an "aeronautic patrol" boat. Ordered taken over on 12 June 1918 and assigned the identification number SP-2589, Ahdeek did not again appear in extant records until 23 June 1919 when a dispatch directed the Commandant, 3d Naval District, to ship her and Eslelle (SP-747) to the Culver Naval School, Culver, Ind. The next mention of her came with notice of her name's being struck from the Navy list on 25 October 1933.[1][2]


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