Ahmed Sékou Touré

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Ahmed Sékou Touré
Personal Life
Date & Place of Birth January 9, 1922
Faranah, Guinea
Claimed religion Muslim
Date & Place of Death March 26, 1984
Cleveland, USA
Dictatorial Career
Country Guinea
Military Service
Highest rank attained
Political beliefs Socialism
Political party Parti Démocratique de Guinée-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain
Date of Dictatorship October 2, 1958 – March 26, 1984
Wars started n/a
Number of Deaths attributed n/a

Ahmed Sékou Touré (b.January 9, 1922 - d.March 26, 1984) was the dictator of Guinea. At first he fought for the indepence from Guinea. After his socialist party "Parti Démocratique de Guinée-Rassemblement Démocratique Africain," was the strongest power in Guinea, Touré was the first president of Guinea. He used the relationships to the Soviet Union and constructed a dictatorship. Thousands of oppositionals were tortured and liquidated. After his death Lansana Conte took the power in a military coup.[1]


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