Alan Grayson

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Alan Grayson
Grayson high res.jpg
Former U.S. Representative from Florida's 8th Congressional District
From: January 3, 2009 – January 3, 2011
Predecessor Ric Keller
Successor Dan Webster
Party Democrat
Spouse(s) Lolita Grayson
Religion Jewish

Alan Mark Grayson (born March 13, 1958 in Bronx, New York) is a far-left Democratic U.S. Representative from Florida's 9th congressional district. He was elected by a 52%-48% margin in the 2008 election to represent the 8th congressional district. Grayson spent a career as a lawyer, and was ranked the 12th-wealthiest member of Congress.[1] He served on the Committee on Financial Services and the Committee on Science and Technology.

His highly controversial remarks did not sit well in this moderate district, and he was defeated by Dan Webster in the 2010 election by a margin of 58% to 38%. In 2012, Grayson won the election in the 9th congressional district by a vote of 63%-37% defeating Republican Todd Long. In 2014, Grayson defeated Republican Carol Platt by a vote of 54% to 43%.


Grayson has gained national prominence for controversial comments regarding conservative leaders.

  • In his first month in office he referred to radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh as a "has-been loser."
  • During a floor speech on health care Grayson stated that "Republicans want you to die quickly." [2] After calls to apologize, Grayson said that "I apologize to the dead and their families that we haven't voted sooner to end this holocaust in America." [3]
  • In an interview on MSNBC's Hardball, Grayson said that "I have trouble listening to what [Cheney] says sometimes because of the blood that drips from his teeth while he's talking, but my response is this: he's just angry because the president doesn't shoot old men in the face. But by the way, when he was done speaking, did he just then turn into a bat and fly away?" [5] Later on an interview, he verbally scolded former Vice President Cheney, cursing and vulgar language.[6]
  • In December 2009 Grayson called for a conservative activist to be jailed for launching a website criticizing him.[7]

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