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Alban Berg, (1885-1935), Austrian composer was, with Anton Webern, a pupil and disciple of Arnold Schoenberg in the “Second Viennese School” Unlike Webern, he was not so devoted to the atonal styles of his colleagues – early on he was heavily influenced by Mahler and his music has a lyricism and accessibility that give certain of his works a degree of popularity today.

Like Webern, his opus list is small, but his works are of greater proportions. His Violin Concerto is recognised as one of the great 20th century works of its form. The operas, “Wozzeck” and the “Lulu” are performed regularly. Whilst his music is well-crafted, formal, and sometimes immensely complex, these considerations are never allowed to overcome his innate compassion and humanity; thus he has an important place in the history of 20th century music.