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Rosenberg: German war prisoner

Alfred Rosenberg (January 12, 1893 – October 16, 1946) was a Nazi Party racial pseudoscientist and war criminal. He was hanged at Nuremberg and his last words were "No". Rosenberg developed racial pseudoscience theories similar to modern day critical race theory, such as the false claim that Jewish people have an inferior skeletal complex, thus making them "inferior" to Germanic peoples (these theories have been countlessly debunked).


Rosenberg was actually the first Nazi to terminate his church membership. He was openly hostile towards religion and had this plan for the church in Germany:

  • The National Reich Church of Germany would claim exclusive control over all churches.
  • Publication of the Bible would cease.
  • Crucifixes, Bibles and saints were to be removed from altars.
  • Mein Kampf would be placed on altars as "to the German nation and therefore to God the most sacred book".
  • The Christian Cross would be removed from all churches and replaced with the swastika.[1]

The only person in the party known for being even more anti-church was Hitler's personal secretary, Martin Bormann.


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