Alois Hitler

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Alois Hitler

Born Alois Schicklgruber
June 7, 1837
Strones, Austrian Empire
Died January 3, 1903
Leonding, Austria-Hungary
Spouse(s) Anna Glasl-Hörer (m. 1873; died 1883)​
Franziska Matzelsberger (m. 1883; died 1884)​
Klara Pölzl (m. 1885)​
Children Alois Hitler Jr.
Angela Hitler
Adolf Hitler

Alois Hitler (June 7, 1837 - January 3, 1903) was a Austrian customs officer and father of Adolf Hitler.


Alois was born Alois Schicklgruber on June 7, 1837 in Strones, he was an illegitimate son, with an unknown father however a few people have men proposed as the father of Alois such as Johann Georg Hiedler , he became an Austrian customs officer.


Alois had a few children, one of which would go on to lead Nazi Germany, that being Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler
Angela Hitler
Alois Hitler Jr.

As a Father

Alois was abusive towards his children, regularly punishing them for not doing much, Alois wanted his son Adolf to not be a painter, often punishing him for this, he also punished Adolf for supporting Germany as Alois was Austrian and was an Austrian customs officer, he was also punished for arguing with teachers and getting worse grades.


Alois died on January 3, 1903 in Leonding, Austria-Hungary (now modern-day Austria).