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Pieter Hugo Naudé, The Alps.

The Alps are a substantial mountain range extending across much of central Europe from France (Maritime Alps), through Switzerland, northern Italy (including Dolomites), southern Germany (Bavarian Alps), Liechtenstein and Austria, as far as the Balkans (Dinaric Alps) and Romania (Transylvanian Alps).

The highest peak in the Alps is Mont Blanc (15,774 feet), on the France-Italy border. Other notable Alpine mountains include the Matterhorn, Eiger, Jungfrau and Großglockner. A number of small glaciers remain in the Alps but are shrinking rapidly. The Alps also contain several of the world's deepest cave systems.

The Alps were the cradle of the sport of mountaineering, and house a large number of ski resorts.

Globalists convene annually for the World Economic Forum at a remote Swiss Alps ski resort in Davos, Switzerland.