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Amedeo Modigliani (b. Livorno, Italy, July 12, 1884 - d. Jan. 24, 1920) was an Italian painter and sculptor of Jewish heritage.

After 1915, Modigliani devoted himself entirely to painting, producing some of his best work. His interest in African masks and sculpture remains evident, especially in the treatment of the sitters' faces: flat and masklike, with almond eyes, twisted noses, pursed mouths, and elongated necks. Despite their extreme economy of composition and neutral backgrounds, the portraits convey a sharp sense of the sitter's personality, as in Moise Kisling (1915; private collection, Milan). A fine example of Modigliani's figure paintings is a reclining Nude (1917; Guggenheim Museum), an elegant, arresting arrangement of curved lines and planes as well as a striking idealization of feminine sexuality. [1]

Modigliani Woman in Yellow Jacket.jpg Woman in Yellow Jacket.

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