American Government and the Constitution

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This course begins Sept. 11, 2014. Lectures are being developed here. Your assistance in writing and improving these lectures is welcome!

Rough outline (work in progress):

  1. The "miracle" of Constitution; its formation and structure; introduction to research sources
  2. Article I and key provisions today; Origination Clause; Congress
  3. Article II and key provisions today; Executive Branch
  4. Article III and key provisions today; federal court system
  5. Articles IV through VI, including Article V Convention issue
  6. Current issues concerning original Constitution
  7. First Amendment
  8. Fourth Amendment
  9. Fourteenth Amendment
  10. Additional Amendments, and current issues concerning the Amendments
  11. The future of the Constitution

Goals of the course:

  1. Strong understanding and appreciation of the Constitution
  2. How the Constitution works today in practice
  3. Understanding American government as viewed through the Constitution