American Government and the Constitution Homework Thirteen Answers

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Andrew B. U.S. Govt. and Constitution HW answers 12

1. Federalism is the system of government which we have today.

True, but incomplete. The answer needs to explain how the Constitution establishes federalism. (-3)

2. The three branches of the govt are the Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive. They check and balance each other by the way that the constitution was written.

Correct, but could say more, such as identifying the Articles in the Constitution corresponding to each branch of government, and explaining how they check and balance each other. (-1)

3. One of the main controversies in the constitution is the issues of gun control. The constitution says that the individual has the right to keep and bear arms. Liberals try to twist this to be government that has the right.


5. I think the 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, and the 10th amendment are the most important parts of the constitution. The 2nd amendment establishes the right to possess guns. The 4th amendment protects from the government unlawfully searching or seizing anything. The 10th amendment defines the relationship between state and federal government, which is important because it keeps, or was meant to keep, state and federal governments equal.

Good answer, with a superb insight about "or was meant to keep ...."

6. The constitution limits the power of the state by keeping it in check with the federal government.

Need to explain this further. (-3)

7. I think it was a mistake to add the 18th amendment. Although it may have prevented the illegal sale of alcohol. It seems to have limited trade that was legal. etc.

Interesting point about whether the 18th Amendment limited any trade that was legal. Don't know that if that is true, but it could have been in harming law-abiding restaurants, for example.
Total: 53/60. Notice the corrections in spelling that I made.