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1. What was the "Revolution of 1800"? The “Revolution of 1800” was the presidential election of 1800; the first peaceful change in authority due to an election in modern history between Adams and Jefferson. The group with power, the Federalist Party, with John Adams as their leader, was defeated by a group not in power, the Democratic-Republican Party, whose leaders were Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. What I found interesting was that John Adams’ own vice president, Jefferson, was running against him. Adams must have been even more frustrated with Jefferson when he won the election.

Well done! Superb. Will use as a model answer.

2. If you were the president, would you have approved the Louisiana Purchase? Explain. I would have approved the Louisiana Purchase if I were president because that was a great opportunity to enlarge the United States of America. The price for the land that Napoleon proposed was a great deal for a territory that at that time was even bigger than the United States itself. With new land for farming, many citizens and immigrants would be tempted to move out west and start a new living. Europe would soon recognize the USA as a strong and vast nation, which they should respect and fear. You are not often offered a great deal like the Louisiana Purchase by a foreign nation.


3. Identify a cause of the War of 1812. The harassment of American soldiers by the British contributed to the increasing anger between the British and the Americans. The Americans were angry because England had no right to attack their ships and sailors. I think the British wanted to make up for their loss in the American Revolution by agitating the Americans any way possible and prove that the United States was just lucky when they won the war against the well- equipped army of England.


4. Describe what you like most about the Monroe Administration. I liked his “Monroe Doctrine” in 1823 which declared that Europe should not adjoin any new colonies to the North or the South of America because their systems on how to run a government differs greatly from our political system. Europe had no responsibility to interfere with the business of America. They had their own continent to look after and they should not worry how America was managing hers.


5. Explain what is meant by "Jacksonian Democracy”. The “Jacksonian Democracy” was the presidential victory of Andrew Jackson. The middle class and lower class voters admired him because he proved that any one can be president by not giving up hope. Jackson wanted to represent the “common man” because he knew it did not matter if you were born into a wealthy family and had an excellent education. The upper class loathed him because he did not appreciate them as much as the middle and lower class.


6. Explain what the Marshall Court is known for. The Marshall Court is known for greatly expanding federal power the most that any Court could ever achieve. One of the most well-known cases was the case of Marbury v. Madison, which recognized the Supreme Court in a higher position than Congress and gave it additional power.

Terrific answer.

7. Identify the figures in the cartoon, provide an approximate date, and describe the likely viewpoint of the cartoonist:

The obese bull symbolizes John Bull, the national personification of Great Britain, and the Bruin symbolizes the Russian Bear. Columbia, Madam-Johny, symbolizes America. This cartoon was published in 1813. William Charles, the cartoonist, drew this cartoon to show the citizens how Russia made an effort to bring peace between America and Great Britain during the War of 1812. I think William Charles wanted to illustrate how America was not so cowardly as to consent to Great Britain’s plead for peace. America wanted Great Britain not only to stop fighting, but go back home before they would declare peace.
Very well done!
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