American History Homework Nine

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Lecture - Questions

American History Homework Nine
Instructor: Andy Schlafly
Read the lecture first, and answer six out of the following eight questions.
1. Explain your understanding and view of imperialism. Is it a good or bad thing?

2. Pick either Cornelius Vanderbilt or John D. Rockefeller, and briefly describe who they were and what your view of their work is.

3. Your thoughts on the progressive movement, please.

4. Please explain the cartoon (below right) which once appeared in the Minnesota Tribune, having the caption at top, "WHAT WILL HE DO!" and the caption at the bottom, "The eyes of the world are upon him." Include your description of the point of view of the cartoonist.

Spanish American War cartoon.jpg

5. The "Cross of Gold" speech: lots of meaning, or meaningless? Explain, including who gave the speech and under what circumstances.

6. What would be an example today of "yellow journalism"?

7. Who was the "Conservative Democrat"? Discuss.

8. Select two of the social movements of the late 1800s and discuss.

Honors (pick 3 out of 5)

H1. Do you agree with how the United States finally ended the fighting in the Philippines during the Spanish-American War?

H2. Write about any issue you like, concerning 1880-1920.

H3. Explain your view of unions, then and now.

H4. Pick an economic issue (other than monopolies) from the lecture, and discuss it.

H5. What is your view of the antitrust law of 1890 (the Sherman Act)?