American History Homework Nine Answers - Student Twenty

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Victoria N.

1. In your opinion, the 2008 election that concluded on Tuesday is most similar to which election in history, and why?

In my opinion, the election is most similar to the election of Andrew Jackson in 1824. The bargain that is thought to be taking place between Obama and Colin Powell is similar to the “corrupt bargain” that took place between Jackson and Clay.

Good analogy, but we'll have to see if Colin Powell is give a top position as Henry Clay was!

2. Imperialism: a good or bad thing?

I think that Imperialism is something that is good to a certain extent. This Imperialism gives a nation more land and resources, however, this works for the right people at the right times. Imperialism is something that seems good to most, but can also turn around to have a bad outcome.

OK, could give an example or more substance to support your opinion. (Minus 1).

3. Your thoughts on the progressive movement, please.

The Progressive movement was something that was quite effective in the 1800’s, however, nowadays it could be an excuse for the government to expand and we really need less government.

Superb, will use as a model.

4. Please explain the cartoon in the Minnesota Tribune, having the caption at top, "WHAT WILL HE DO!" and the caption at the bottom, "The eyes of the world are upon him." Include your description of the point of view of the cartoonist.

In this cartoon, President McKinley is thinking whether or not to throw the Filipino boy over the cliff which represents the decision he had to make for whether or not to give the Philippines to Spain. The whole world was watching to see what the President would choose. The cartoonist seemed to think that the decision of giving the Philippines to Spain would be like throwing them over a cliff.

Terrific work. Grade: 39/40. Well done!