American History Homework One

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Lecture - Questions

American History Homework One
Instructor: Andy Schlafly

Read the lecture, and then reread parts which you did not fully understand.

This course has two tracks: Honors and regular. Students can try the Honors track and then drop back to the regular track later if they like, or answer honors questions for extra credit.

Answer 6 out of 7 questions below, and study and take the quiz for week 1:

1. Pick three of the English colonies in America, and compare and contrast them.

2. Contrast the French exploration and settlements in America with England's.

3. What is the significance of Christopher Columbus in history? Include mention of the time period in your answer.

4. Why do you think Philadelphia became the most populated city in North America by the mid-1700s, and the second most populated city (after London) in the entire British Empire?

5. Contrast the Spanish settlements in North America with the English settlements.

6. How did the colonies help build the economic strength of England?

7. Explain the four types of colonies, including an example of each.

Honors Questions (answer any 3)

H1. Explain how the settlement in Jamestown survived.

H2. Here are several unsolved mysteries from this time period in American history. Pick one and discuss it:

  • Where did the American Indians come from?
  • Did the Vikings really settle in North American, at L'anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland? If so, then why would they abandon it?
  • How was Christopher Columbus able to navigate himself across the Atlantic Ocean on his second voyage to the same location as before?
  • What happened to the Lost Colony?
  • Did Puritans allow dancing?

H3. Identify one or more colonies for which the King of England revoked their charters and retook control over them. Why?

H4. Pick another unsolved mystery or any issue from the lecture of interest to you, and discuss it.