American History Homework One Answers - Student 30

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American History Homework 1

1. Spanish, English, then French


2. That he learning how to be a captain at age 10.

Good, but you mean "learned", not "learning".

3. Because the British were easygoing people and weren’t ready for all the hardships.


4. The motivation for the first settlements in the Massachusetts area was to purify the Church of England. The Pilgrims came for religious freedoms.

No, the first settlement (Pilgrims) was to separate from the Church of England. (Minus 1).

5. He was able to make a treaty with the Indians.

Good, but add more. (Minus 1).

6. The different types of colonies are:

a.Joint-Stock Colony- Virginia

b.Character Colony- Rhode Island

c.Proprietary Colony- New York

d.Royal Colony- Virginia

Good, but it's "Charter Colony," not "Character Colony."

7. Why would some want to take credit away from Columbus, and how might they do it? They would start from saying that The Vikings actually found America, then they would go to say that he landed at one of the islands not on America itself.

Good, but the explanation could be made to fit the question better. (Minus 1).


H2. Royal charter established the Massachusetts Bay Company in 1629 as a joint stock company to promote trade and colonization along the Merrimack and Charles rivers in New England.

Good, but who led it? (Minus 1).

H4. Mercantilism was a policy for a nation to increase its wealth based on exporting more goods to other nations and territories than importing from them, as well as giving subsidies to politically favored businesses, often under the guise of infrastructure development combined also with a central bank with monopoly power. I’m for it because it because it would help use less money but America by far imports more then it exports.


H5. What, if anything, was the significance of Bacon's Rebellion? Bacon’s Rebellion was a bunch of people who were tired of letting the Indians attack them without them perusing them. So Nathanael Bacon took it up and went against the government to kill the Indians. After that he went to James town and burnt it down and drove the governor (who was one of his relatives) out of the office.

Good. "Jamestown" is one word.
Good start: 96/100.--Aschlafly 16:53, 12 September 2008 (EDT)