American History Homework Ten Answers - Student Nineteen

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BethanyS - DONE

1. I think that for the preparation of the midterm I should have studied a little longer than I did and work a little harder on the quotes. ;-P I think I could definetely improve on the late 1800 a little more...I know what to study for the final!!

Excellent! (note: "definitely", not "definetely").

2. I liked number 22 best out of what I got wrong. It was tricky because during the French and Indian war, the colonies hadn't become the United States of America yet. They were still under the British. The question asked who won the French and Indian war; the immediate thought is 'United States.' But it was really Britain and the colonies, since the United States didn't exist yet!

Right. Well done.

3. The Scopes trial is famous. It has movies made about it. However, the vast majority of these movies are meant to make it look like Bryan somehow manipulated Darrow into giving up. It makes conservative look like a bunch of idiots who want to suppress free speech and make everyone believe creation. This eventually worked against the creation movement and cause the evolutionist to get 'compassion' from some. This caused evolution to come back into the schools.

It was the media spin that worked against the conservatives, not the trial itself. Good points in your answer.

4. America was fully correct in fight World War I. America was one of the most powerful countries and by joining the war, they not only saved American live who were aboard targeted ships, they saved other lives as well -- protecting another life is very important.


5. Teddy Roosevelt was a benefit to America. He approved many new regulations and assistance programs that helped Americans. The famous quote "speak softly and carry a big stick" originated from him. All his efforts were for the good of America -- that makes him an excellent president.

Good, but see other views in model answers.

6. The nineteenth amendment, ratified in 1920, supported the right of women to vote. It cites women's support of World War I to persuade President Woodrow Wilson to change his position from opposing this amendment to supporting it. It was strongly opposed, particularity in the south.

Right. Good point about World War I, and will include that in model answers. I think "strongly opposed" may be a bit overstated to create a bad impression of the south.

7. The cartoon shows Teddy Roosevelt bringing Japan and Russia together to make peace. It represents the Treaty of Portsmouth. The cartoonist probably supports Teddy Roosevelt because his seems powerful, important, and wise compared to Japan and Russia in the cartoon.

Superb analysis.
Well done. Perfect, in fact! 70/70.--Aschlafly 23:45, 23 November 2008 (EST)