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"American Idiot" (2004) is the name of a song by the liberal band Green Day. The song, which was written and sung by bisexual[1] and liberal musician Billie Joe Armstrong, is a series of shameful, baseless attacks on the United States, its institutions, and its people. "American Idiot," which joins a number of other anti-American, anti-Christian songs on an album of the same name, also contains profanity among its hateful lyrics. The song was originally written out of spite for George W. Bush's reelection as President and presumably out of spite for the country, its institutions, and its people as well.[2]

Six years after the song's release, a musical was made based on the controversial album.[3] Unsurprisingly, the musical's first shows were in California's Bay Area.

Examples of anti-Americanism[4]

  • "All across the alien nation / Where everything isn't meant to be okay"
  • "I'm not a part of a redneck agenda / Now everybody do the propaganda / And sing along to the age of paranoia"
  • "One nation controlled by the media / Information age of hysteria / It's calling out to idiot America"


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