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The theme of American jobs has been a major point of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, and after his election he has apparently come through on this issue. Ford made a decision to remain in the USA, rather than move to Mexico. Carrier, which makes air conditioners, made a deal with Indiana (where VP-elect Pence is governor), to keep 1,000 jobs in the USA. A huge Japanese bank announced its intention of investing enough capital in America to create 50,000 jobs.

Trump began by leveraging the power of the presidency to negotiate a deal with Carrier to keep approximately 1,100 jobs in the United States rather than transfer them to Mexico as the company had planned. He and vice president-elect Mike Pence, who also serves as the governor of Indiana where the Carrier facility in question is located, offered a mix of state-based tax and other incentives to convince the company to retain the American workers.[1]