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Americans for Limited Government is a small libertarian advocacy group based in Washington D.C.. It was founded in 2006 by New York real estate investor Howard Rich, who continues as ALG's chairman. ALG operates with a staff of 19 and a budget of $4 million under the direction of Bill Wilson

ALG strongly opposes the domestic agenda of the Obama Administration, especially ObamaCare and "cap and trade", and its attacks on personal liberty.

ALG also oppose most of the domestic agenda of Republican President George W. Bush. It endorsed Bush's tax cuts but attacked the USA Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind schools program, and the Medicare drug program. Wilson sat out the 2008 presidential election: while he strongly opposed Mr. Obama, he loathed the campaign finance law of which Senator John McCain was a co-author.

ALG's site gives libertarians handy access to thousands of like-minded blogs, sorted by state and issue. Together, they feed a negative view of the Obama administration to talk radio hosts, Web pundits, Congressional aides and small-town newspaper columnists.

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