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Ancient Rome was a city traditionally believed to have been founded in 753 B.C. by Romulus, the first King. Ancient Rome's history can be divided into three parts: the Roman Kingship, Roman Republic, and Roman Empire.

Romans had extensive knowledge of roads, mining, irrigation and masonry.

Further reading

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Ancient Rome
Historical Periods

Regal period (753 – 509 B.C.)
Republic (509 – 27 B.C.)
Empire (27 B.C. – 395 A.D.)
Western Empire (395 – 476)
Eastern Empire (395 – 500)

Great Romans

Marius, Cato the Younger, Cicero,
Julius Caesar, Pompey, Augustus,
Trajan, Diocletian, Constantine,
Augustine, Justinian I

Roman Legacy

Ancient Rome in popular culture

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