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Andrew Neil (born 1949) is a Scottish journalist.

Neil has taken numerous right-leaning positions for example, declaring his own "war on woke".[1] However, he is also a supporter of neoconservative foreign wars, and openly flaunted his anti-Trump positions.[2] He also believes in punishing people who refuse to take experimental DNA-altering vaccines.[3]

He established the conservative-leaning UK-based television channel GB News in mid-2021, although he left shortly after the channel was established.


In October 2017, Andrew Neil took on the far-left gender dysphoria-suffering anti-white racist Munroe Bergdorf. Contrary to Bergdorf's racist assertion that white people, who he described as "the most oppressive force of nature", are inherently privileged due to their skin colour, Neil pointed out that 37% of black children went to university, against only 33% of white children.[4]