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Andrew Sullivan is a libertarian leaning and self-described conservative[1] (in the tradition of Edmund Burke and Michael Oakeshott) blogger. He is known for his independent views and an inquiring mind. His blog has become quite popular.

Sullivan was born in the United Kingdom and moved to the United States in the 1980s. He was educated at Oxford University. In 1984, he won a Harkness Fellowship to Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, and earned a Masters degree in Public Administration in 1986. [2]

He is a staunch proponent of gay marriage. Although he supported the election of President George W. Bush and the invasion of Iraq, he was subsequently very critical of the Bush administration, and opposed the policies of President Bush in Iraq.

Andrew Sullivan is known for having publicly described himself as both a homosexual[3] and a Catholic. For example, Sullivan's public statements led to this question and answer:[4]

John Hawkins: What do you say to people who think that being gay and wanting to be a Catholic in good standing are two incompatible things?
Andrew Sullivan: I'd say they have a point. I've tried hard. But the real tragedy is that the hierarchy will not even discuss the issue. It's closed. Over. ...

In 2007, a purported lesbian wrote to Andrew Sullivan concerning lesbianism and obesity:

And - oh heck, I'll admit it - aesthetics have value, too! As a woman, I may not be as focused on looks as men are predisposed to be, but I sure am tired of seeing so many queer ladies out there who are way past 200 pounds. Way, way past. Sorry, but no amount of "fat acceptance" is going to make that a pleasant sight - gay, straight, butch, femme, male or female.[5]


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