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Andrew Torba (age 38)[1] is an entrepreneur and businessman in northeastern Pennsylvania. As a sophomore in college, he founded the company Kuhcoon (later renamed "Automate Ads"), a social media management service for businesses.[2] He is best known today as CEO of the social media website, Gab.


Andrew was raised in a middle-class family in Pennsylvania, as the oldest of five children. His father is Bob Torba, Jr, and his mother is Amy Torba.
Andrew graduated from the University of Scranton in 2013, with a BA in philosophy.[2]


Torba founded Gab AI in August 2016.[3] The platform then launched publicly in May 2017.[4] Torba, who is politically right-wing, has been the target of many political attacks since then. His refusal to censor people for their political beliefs has drawn the ire of many tech companies, banks, and other liberal groups and individuals, both in and out of the political landscape. Hosting providers, DNS providers, banks, payment processors, mobile app stores, and more have all de-platformed Gab, in response to this firm "free speech" stance of Gab. Nonetheless, Torba and his team have worked to eliminate as many external dependencies as possible, so that they can remain online. Not only has his company been cut off from many public services, but also he personally, and in some cases his entire family, have also been banned from certain services, including banks.


The best part of my day is waking up and going to a job I love with the most talented individuals in northeastern Pennsylvania. Nothing can ever replace the freedom of being an entrepreneur.[5]