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Andy Cuong Ngo is a journalist best known for covering the growing Communist violence in the United States via Antifa, a far-Left fascistic hate group that serve as the shock troops for the Democrat Party. He has written columns in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, National Review and Quillette, amongst others.

Ngo's mother belonged to a middle-class family who owned a jewelry business. After the collapse of the South Vietnam in 1975, their family home and business were confiscated by the Communist regime because the family were classified as bourgeois capitalist exploiters. His father worked in law enforcement in a village in South Vietnam. Both families were imprisoned in Communist re-education camps in the Maoist belief that hard labor and reeducation would reform counter-revolutionaries until becoming good socialist citizens. Both experienced unprecedented suffering and poverty after their time in the camps and fled along with tens of thousands of others on small boats off the southern coast of Vietnam in the late 1970s. They met one another in a refugee camp in Indonesia and eventually settled in Portland, Oregon. Ngo has commented on the irony of having to confront in the United States what his parents fled from in their homeland.

Ngo has been represented by attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

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