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Country Turkey
Population 4,587,558
Area (sq mi) 9,468 sq mi
Current mayor Mansur Yavaş

Ankara is the second largest city and capital of Turkey. The city is located towards the center of the Anatolia Peninsula. The city is on the edge of the Anatolian Plateau, nearly 2,800 feet above sea level.[1] The city has been major in both ancient times and modern times, presently having a population over 4 million people.[2]

The capital of Turkey.


Formerly known as Angora, Ankara was called as Ankuwash by the Hittites before 1200 BC, and Ancyra by the Galatians and Romans. In the classical, Hellenistic, and Byzantine periods it was called as Ἄγκυρα Ánkyra. And later in 1930, it was officially renamed as Ankara by Turkish Republic.[3] Ankara served as Mustapha Kemal's headquarters during the fight by Turkey to recover lands lost after the First World War, and when the Turkish Republic was established in 1923 Ankara was made its capital city.

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