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Anthony Scaramucci was the former White House communications director in the Trump administration. His tenure lasted ten days before being fired by the Chief of Staff John Kelly.[1]

Despite serving in the Trump Administration for a brief time, Scaramucci considers himself a centrist and has criticized conservatives like Steve Bannon for their political positions and has stated that President Donald Trump should be more centrist. He takes liberal positions and has falsely labeled President Trump's statements "racist"[2] and "hateful."[3] By August 2019, President Trump had grown tired of Scaramucci's left-wing commentary and denounced him.[4] Scaramucci reportedly plotted with NeverTrumper Bill Kristol to defeat President Trump,[5] and he used his opposition to Trump to gain television appearances.[6] He also used his "anti-Trump" status to integrate with liberal social groups.[7]


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